So what exactly is included in the training materials packages you might be wondering? When you buy them online, they are packaged together as a zipped downloadable file that you receive access to once you have made your purchase (see the FAQ page for an explanation of how to download your package after payment). Each kit includes the following

What’s Included in the Downloadable Course Materials?

1. PowerPoint Slides

This is an example from our Delegation Skills training package.

Delegation Skills training package PPT PowerPoint slides
This is an example from our Delegation Skills training package.

The number of slides on the PowerPoint will depend on if you are buying a 2-hour, 1/2-day, 1-day, or 2-day training package. Typically, it will range from 20 through to 90 slides.

The PowerPoint slides are fully customizable, and they include guidance notes for tutors at the bottom of each slide.

For activities, there are also some notes on how to run the activity online (in case you also need this information)

2. Trainer’s Manual

As the trainer, you will understandably need guidance and a clear understanding of how to run the training day and the trainer’s manual provides full guidance.

To give you an idea of the number of pages, for the 1/2-day ‘Delegation Skills’ course, it is 38 pages.

Trainers teaching notes

3. Participants’ Workbook

We include a student’s workbook in each package so that the participants can use it during the training.

These workbooks are designed so that you can easily print them before the training day and they include useful information for students including a reminder of all they have learned, space for them to write down notes, further resources, and so on.

Students handbook in the training materials packages

4. Handouts and All Forms You Will Need

Everything you need is included in the packages and includes:

  1. Training day course attendance sign-in form so that participants can sign is as they arrive.
  2. Tutor’s pre-course preparation guidance.
  3. Feedback form so that you can gather very valuable feedback on how the course went.
  4. Notes for teaching this course online (just in case you wish to teach it this way). You can, by the way, also read our online teaching guides.
Other forms including the student attendance form

5. Exercises and Activities

The games and activities such as icebreakers and team-building games for each course are in the PowerPoint slides and detailed in the teaching notes at the bottom of the slide.

The exercises are also detailed in the teacher’s notes handbooks and the participant’s handbook. You might also enjoy these 21 free icebreakers here for online teaching.

Teaching activity examples

In order to ensure that your training flows seamlessly, a number of activities and class exercises are planned and included in this training pack.

6. Certificate of Attendance

Included with each course package is a certificate that you, as the teacher (tutor or trainer), can either complete electronically and email the participants or print and manually complete.

So if you wish (or if the participant requests one) you can provide them with a course completion certificate.

Example course completion certificate
Example course completion certificate from the delegation Skills materials.

How the Course Materials are Delivered

When you buy the materials online, you will immediately receive an email with the download link.

Click the download link and you will be downloading all the files you need to run the course you’ve bought.

You Will See Two Folders

Teaching materials folders

and inside the folders you will see:

Example MS Word, PowerPoint Files & Teaching Guide Folder

In one folder you will find files such as these you see below (example from delegation Skills course).

MS Word training materials documents and the PPT PowerPoint slides

PDFs Example

Inside the PDFs folder, you will find files similar to this (an example from our Delegation Skills course).

Teaching PDFs

7. Online Teaching Notes

You might have noticed that in both folders shown above, there is a PDF called ‘Online Teaching Guide’.

This is a PDF that is a 10-page document that explains how you can use our teaching materials if you are teaching online and the document includes some pointers to find more online teaching information.

Most people use our training course materials for teaching in classrooms in person (offline) but you can use our training course for online teaching too if you want to. You can though also find similar information here on using our course materials to teach online.

If you have any questions at all about our course materials packages please do not hesitate to contact us.

What's included in the training course materials

Examples of Training Materials

If you are looking for an example of training materials then you can find a range of soft skills packages on this image below that are classic training materials.

The most popular types of training materials include:

Classroom lesson plans

Developing Training Materials

If you are interested in creating training materials yourself then we have a couple of useful guides that we have already written that you might like to check out.

What is instructional design?

Instructional design is the structured process of designing materials for teaching or providing training. Here’s an article on instructional design to learn more…

Do the training resources include activities?

Yes, course materials for employee training will usually include activities to make the training more interesting, to break up the teaching and to better engage participants.

Where can I get free training games?

You can find free training games to include in your own teaching materials for training adult learners via our free training games page.

Dr Valeria Lo Iacono