Wellness, Healthy Living & Well-Being Training Programs

Here you can find the training materials packages and programs we offer trainers. Instantly download and customize these training programs to hold your own workshops and training sessions. Below you can find the various wellness, healthy living, well-being and work to life balance training programs for the workplace, employees, corporate company workshops, or for private training you provide such as via meetup.com or Eventbrite.

Why Wellness in the Workplace Is so Important

Providing a caring and supportive environment in the workplace, for your workforce, is not only the right thing to do from an ethical and humanistic point of view, but it makes sense from a productivity and business perspective.

Employees who feel looked after, supported and valued, are employees who are proven to be more productive and loyal. As a business, this means great savings in the cost of often replacing employees and staff who care and enjoy helping to get results for the company.

Workshops and training courses that increase the staff’s well-being and wellness, are particularly well received and enjoyed by employees. Of course, though, employee personal development training is also always popular, but do consider wellness and your staff’s well-being.

5 Areas of Wellness in the Workplace

The 5 areas of workplace wellness from Gallup are worth drawing on and these areas are:

  • Purpose – Waking up every day and wanting and enjoying going to work is important. As a business, you want your staff to have a passion for coming into work.
  • Physical – Helping staff to be physically healthy and to have energy is something you can certainly help with by providing training.
  • Financial – Rewarding hard-working staff with a fair wage is just one way to help your staff in a financially positive way. Money worries and the feeling of being treated badly do not create a positive workplace.
  • Community – For people to be happy, feeling part of a community is also important. If you create a supportive atmosphere at work, where employees feel that they are there to support each other and they feel proud of being part of your company, this will definitely help to engage them. 
  • Social – Having friendships and a positive, fun working environment is also important. As a business, you can create an environment where staff get to spend quality time together also after work or during events.

Wellness Related Courses Coming Soon

  • Anger Management

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