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Training materials catalogue prices and price list

You can find our full courses list and the training materials catalogue and prices below for our 50+ sets of materials.


  • 5 or more courses -10% off
  • 10 or more courses – 15% off
  • (Discounts for one transaction)

If you wish to download our training materials catalogue and full price list, you can find it here:

Training course materials  catalogue
>> Training course materials catalogue for download

Training Course Material Packages Now Available

TitleGBP £ PriceUSD$ Estimated
Problem-Solving Skills Training Course Materials
2Mental Health Awareness at Work£89($109)
3Emotional Intelligence Training Course Materials£127($153)
4Psychological Safety Training Course Materials£99($125)
5Inclusive Leadership£127($153)
6Dealing with Difficult People£99($125)
7Time Management£119($149)
8Nonverbal Communication & Body Language£127($153)
9Coaching Skills for Managers£127($153)
10Delegation Skills£99($125)
11Presentation Skills£127($153)
12Building Resilience in the Workplace£127($153)
13Managing Virtual Teams Training Course Materials£99($125)
14Managing Different Generations in the Workplace£99($125)
15Self-Confidence Building£137($165)
16Stress Management in the Workplace£119($149)
17Introduction to Mindfulness£127($153)
18Unconscious (No) Bias Training£89($109)
19Influencing Skills£99($125)
20Building Trust in the Workplace£109($135)
21Conflict Management£127($153)
22Active Listening Skills£89($109)
23Managing the Return to Work Process£89($109)
24Absence Management£99($125)
25SMART Goals£89($109)
26Menopause at Work£89($109)
27Writing for the Web£75($95)
28Digital Wellbeing and Wellness£89($109)
29Life Planning & Goal Setting£127($153)
30Resume/CV Writing Skills£119($149)
31Mental Wellbeing & Health for Employees Working from Home£89($109)
32Bullying & Harassment in the Workplace£99($125)
33SEO Basics for Beginners£127($153)
34Employee Engagement and Motivation£89($109)
35Mindfulness for Busy People (Short Course)£89($109)
36Intercultural Communication£89($109)
37Giving and Receiving Effective Feedback£99($125)
38Starting a Home Business£127($153)
39Digital Marketing£139($169)
40Accessibility Compliance & Audits for Public Spaces (DDA & ADA)£139($169)
41Intro to Qualitative Market Research (2 days)£139($169)
42Environmental Awareness£89($109)
43Assertiveness Skills & Techniques at Work£119($149)
44Identifying & Managing Narcissism in the Workplace£99($125)
45Managing Office Politics£89($109)
46Introduction to Collaboration Skills£127($153)
47Imposter Syndrome in the Workplace£89($109)
48Change Management£127($153)
49Mentoring Skills£127($153)
50Allyship in the Workplace£119($149)
51Strategic Thinking£99($125)
52Introducing Employees to the Basics of EDI (Equality, Diversity & Inclusion)
(2 Hour Short Course)
53Decision Making Training Course Materials£127($153)
54Growth Mindset Training materials£99($125)
55Adaptability training course materials£89($109)
Note: Prices in USD$ dollars will change according to the exchange rates but are there to give a rough estimate of the prices i.e. in USD$.

Why Buy Pre-Made Training Materials?

There are some quite simple reasons why buying training course materials from us makes sense and these key reasons include:

  • Save Tonnes of Time – creating a full set of PowerPoint slides for a half or full-day training can take a week or a few weeks to design (when designed well from scratch). Avoid several weeks of courseware design and use the time for other tasks.
  • Instantly Download the full package – The materials can be downloaded and used immediately after paying.
  • Customizable – The training materials can be customized to your own liking.
  • Activities already included – Having activities is an essential part of a training session because it gives participants different ways of learning and engaging during the training session.

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