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Completely Customizable Training Resources

Our materials contain entirely editable training content.

We create the courseware using MS Word and PowerPoint, so you can completely edit it and make it your own.

You can, for example, edit the images, add your logo, add or remove sections and more.

Also, you buy the materials once and then you can use them for as many teaching sessions as you want, without limits.

We only ask that you do not resell the materials as such. Other than that, you can use them to teach as many people as you want as many times as needed.

What are Training Material Deliverables

You can expect:

  • PowerPoint Presentation slides (ideally with teacher/trainer notes under each slide as we offer)
  • Trainers handbook and students handbook – whether in digital or printed version
  • Certificate
  • Workshop training activities and icebreakers

You need to create the PowerPoint slides, which in itself requires a good level of expertise if you want the slides to look good and professional.

You also need to decide which activities to use and at which point in the course you are going to use them.

Handouts are very useful for teaching, but then you have to design them.

Also, you need to think about designing a participants’ workbook and other items such as certificates and feedback forms.

As you can see, designing training course materials involves a lot of work.

It can take us up to a month to create each training package.

However, you don’t have to spend any time preparing the materials if you can just buy them pre-made.

You will only need to tweak them to meet your and your learners’ specific needs and to deliver the training (which, in itself, is a big task, so the more time you can save in preparing the materials the better).

Engage Your Learners with Activities and Games

We strongly believe that learners, particularly adult learners, need to be actively engaged to be motivated and to learn to the best of their abilities.

So, in all our training course materials we have included activities and games such as role plays, questionnaires, scenarios for discussions and icebreakers.

Courseware That Allows Flexibility of Training Delivery

Our teaching resources are structured into modules, based on the learning objectives.

So, every course has 3 to 5 (depending on the length) learning objectives and the PowerPoint slides are clearly divided into sections.

This way, you can teach each module separately if, for example, you need to split the workshop into more than one day.

Cost-Effective Instructional Course  Materials

Buying pre-designed training course materials is only a modest investment if you compare it to paying someone to design a course specifically for your employees.

Likewise, if you are a corporate trainer, you can charge many times more for each session you run than you pay for each pre-made training materials package you buy.

So, you will soon recover the cost of those training materials and it will be a good investment considering the time that it will have saved you in preparing the training content.

What Topics Do Our Training Resources Cover?

Our training course materials cover a variety of topics that are useful for employees to master in the workplace.

We mainly design training course materials for teaching soft skills at work.

Soft skills include self-development skills, interpersonal skills and communication skills.

So, for example, our soft skills training course materials include topics such as resilience, emotional intelligence, assertiveness and conflict management.

We also focus on leadership skills such as delegation skills, problem-solving, influencing skills and more.

A particularly important area for us is EDI (equality, diversity and inclusion) and our offer of training course materials in this sector includes, among others, inclusive leadership, psychological safety and a basic introduction to EDI.

Last but not least, we sell learning resources on wellness and wellbeing for staff.

These include, among others, digital wellness, mental health awareness and stress management.



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