Training Course Materials You Can Buy Now!

  • Save hours of research and design time with our off-the-shelf, classroom-ready and fully customizable training materials.
  • Own the rights to edit and reuse the materials as many times, and to teach as many people, as you want.
  • All of these off-the-shelf training course materials packages are available for immediate download! (Learn How the Buying process works here! and about What’s Included in each package here)
  • You can use these training materials for both in-person classroom training or for online teaching (we include instructions for both)

All Training Courses Packages & Materials

Is there a training course you would like to run but are having a problem to find an SME (Special Matter Expert) for, to create the trainers pack you need? Let us know. We are experienced researchers (to PhD level) and professional trainers and welcome all enquiries.

The materials you can buy are comprehensive and fully ready-to-use training packs. Furthermore, these corporate program packages include the PowerPoint PPT slides you will need and presenter notes, in addition to including guidance and resources for teaching. 

Our passion is helping with continuing professional development and adult learning, both in and out of the work-place. We have worked with HR departments, in-house trainers, and with many of you who run your own training company as self-employed educators. See our founders recent academic publications.