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As a corporate trainer, there are so many things that you need to remember before every training session! This is why a training checklist template is useful.

Our FREE training checklist template is specifically designed for busy trainers, so you don’t forget anything before the important day.

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Why Is a Checklist for Corporate Trainers Important?

When I first started delivering training, I was so focused on the content of the training package that I forgot to check some small but important details.

For example, things such as making sure that the electronic equipment works, or checking the layout of the room can be important.

Fortunately, I never had any major problems but now I always use a checklist before any training session. Even as an experienced trainer, you can always forget something essential.

Sometimes it is also useful to get other trainers’ opinions in terms of what one needs to take in case they think of something that you did not consider.

As you gain more experience, you will think of more things to take and to do before each corporate training session. It is time-consuming, however, to re-write a checklist every time.

This is why a training checklist template is essential. It will save you time and help you stay organised.

What Should a Training Checklist Template Include?

A good checklist template includes things that need to be done or checked and materials that need to be remembered.

Our template includes:

  • Things to do a week before the training day
  • Things to remember the day before
  • Things that you must ensure that participants have before the training session
  • Materials you need to have on the day

Good preparation is essential for a successful corporate training session. If you are well prepared as a trainer, you will come across as more competent and confident.

This checklist template is aimed at making your life easier!

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