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If you are a freelance corporate trainer, this page is where you can find links to resources, tips, advice and useful information for training professionals.

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Free Tips and Resources for Corporate Trainers

As a corporate trainer, there are many things you need to consider and remember.

We provide you with some free resources to help you do your job, some that you can download and others that are available for you to browse on this site.

Below you will be able to request and to read:

  • A Free downloadable pre-training session checklist. There are so many little things to set up before each course, for a course to be a success. This list will help you remember all you need to do.
  • A free 54-page Downloadable eBook with 25 classroom activities. It is vital to keep participants active during a training session but it is not always easy to think of new activities to do. In this book, you will find some free inspiring ideas for activities including ice-breakers, team building games and discussions.
  • A Free 7-day email course with tips and advice on how to create training sessions that are engaging and effective for your participants.
  • Additional articles with tips and advice from this site.

Free Downloadables

Staff training
Free icebreaker games

Tips and Advice for Trainers

Learning How to Be a Great Trainer

Being a great trainer is a matter of experience and continuous learning.

You can learn:

  • whilst doing your job;
  • after each training session (as you reflect on how the class has gone);
  • by taking time to train and study.

Also, there are many skills involved in being a trainer. These include, for example, designing courses and sessions; presenting; delivering training sessions and researching (not only the materials you are going to teach but also how you are going to teach, to whom and why).

Our courses for trainers cover a variety of skills that can be useful for corporate trainers and they come in different formats.

The two formats that we offer are:

  • Training materials packages, which are designed to be delivered by a trainer to a classroom of learners.
  • Self-study eLearning online courses, which are designed for individuals to learn independently in their own time.

The topics range from the classic ‘train the trainer’ course (which teaches the principles and techniques for teaching adult learners) to research skills and more.

Online Training for Trainers

Buying Off-the-shelf Training Materials and How to Use Them

As a trainer, there are a lot of skills you need to learn and so many things to remember and worry about, but time is limited!

Therefore, you might want to make your life easier but buying off-the-shelf pre-designed training materials.

This will save you a lot of time by sparing you from researching topics, structuring lessons and designing materials, so you can focus on teaching.

Our off-the-shelf training packages are completely downloadable (in PDF and MS Word formats) as soon as you purchase them and you can customise them as you wish.

Each package includes:

  • A PowerPoint presentation
  • A trainer’s handbook with useful notes
  • A workbook for students
  • A course outline and a lesson plan
  • Classroom activities
  • Forms (i.e. feedback forms, attendance sheets)
  • A certificate template to give participants at the end of the course

The subjects include a variety of topics from the areas of online marketing and soft skills or personal development.

Some of Our Training Materials Packages

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