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The Importance and Benefits of Team Building

Understanding Synergy and Team Effort

You may or may not have heard of synergy, so let me briefly explain what it means and why it relates so well to the importance of team building.

Synergy is a term that refers to a syncronized energy. It is used to express the concept that this type of energy is a greater force than the individual parts added together. It’s like 2 + 2 = 4. But with a synergetic effect, 2 working with the other 2 = Produces 5.

What on earth does this have to do with team building you might be asking?

Well, the idea with team building is really quite simple. When we work effectively and harmoniously together, we can produce better results than we ever could as individuals.

Individuals in the Team

Working as a team together, rather than as a group of individuals is great for business efficiency but can also produce happier employees.

The very best teams, whether in sport, space exploration or in the arts, often involve a team effort.

Good teamwork tends to mean drawing on the individual skills and knowledge of each person in the team. Mary might be a great speaker and presenter, whilst Bob, who is quite reserved, is a great problem solver.

The Challenge in Team Building

Certainly the challenge though, at least as a manager or business owner, is working out how to firstly better understand the skills-set of your employees and, secondly, working out effective ways for these employees to utilize their skills for the optimum performance.

This is a challenge that can take time. One way though to begin to further engage and learn more about your employees, is to organize team building sessions, workshops or away days. Take them out of the normal working environment and use team-building activities and games that are designed to push and challenge your employees, but whilst also giving these employees a chance to have fun with their co-workers.