Free Soft Skills Training Activities, Games & Exercises

Here are lots of free soft skills training activities that you can use in your training materials and courseware. Make sure also to come back often as we regularly add new ones. (Sign up for our newsletter to get reminders).

Free Soft Skills Training Activities

More Free Soft Skills Training Games & Resources

Free soft skills training activities and games

Why not use these free soft skills training activities, games and exercises in your lesson plans and planning? They can be used for online teaching and for classroom teaching and they help to break workshops and training up to make them more fun for the participants.

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Types of Soft Skills Training Games

If you are looking to make your training sessions more interactive then training games and activities certainly help to lighten the mood, as well as making learning more fun. These activities can also help you to reinforce learning if the activities are designed based on key points on the topic you are teaching.

In terms of types of activities, you can choose from the following:

  • Role-playing
  • Small group discussions (i.e based on a scenario on a handout)
  • Whole group discussion
  • Icebreaker – easy and light hearted activity toward the start of the training session
  • Interactive classroom poll
  • Small group brainstorming activities
  • Scavenger Hunt