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Benefits of Using Pre-Made Training Course Materials

Need ready-to-use ready-to-use training course materials to deliver successful staff training sessions?

  • Each training package (created by experts in education) includes PowerPoint presentations, trainer notes, activities, handouts and participants’ workbooks .
  • Ready to use instantly – We did all the hard work researching and designing, so you can focus on delivering training.
  • Save tonnes of time (save weeks of design time)
  • Created as fully customizable – training materials that you can adapt as you wish and need
  • Structured for flexible delivery. Our materials are divided into modules, based on learning objectives, so that you can easily break the training down into smaller parts to be delivered on different days if needed.
  • Download Immediately – Download the full packages instantly when you buy them.
  • Can be used for online teaching and training in virtual classrooms (including Zoom and Skype)
  • High-quality professionaly designed training materials. Meticulously researched and designed In-House by Dr Valeria Lo Iacono and Dr Paul Symonds; both with PhDs & 50 years of teaching experience  & corporate experience
  • Engaging. Training resources designed with the learner in mind. Materials include activities, role plays & scenarios

What is Included in Our Training Materials Packages?

* These corporate training materials for trainers are completely editable. You can add your company logo, your name, photo and contact details, and adapt the content to suit the needs of your audience.

PowerPoint slides example from the course materials

PowerPoint PPT Slide Deck

The training course materials come with

  • PowerPoint PPT slides
  • Detailed trainer notes
  • Suggestions on how to run each activity
  • Questions you can ask participants as you explain a slide, to keep them engaged

workbook example from the training materials

Workbooks and Documents

  • Participants’ workbook
  • Training activity handouts
  • Scenarios for participants to discuss
  • Quizzes
  • Questionnaires
  • Goal-setting development plans
  • Completion Certificate
  • Feedback form
  • Sign-in sheet

    Teaching notes examples

    Trainer Guide

    The course materials also include:

    • Detailed trainer guide booklet
    • Suggestions on how to run each activity
    • Suggestions on what to say for each slide with real-life business examples to help you explain the concepts in a more relatable manner.

      Training Guides


      “Very comprehensive, clear and attractively presented materials. I particularly like the inclusion of tips for adapting to online. Great value for money” – Ruth Dover, RNR Training.

      “As a busy trainer/coach I don’t always have the time to create my own L&D solutions, so I use Symonds Research for the latest topics at very reasonable prices, for high-quality content with their training materials template options.” – Jon Britain, UpSkills Group

      “I loved the ‘Environmental Awareness’ training materials. Found them very well-designed and easy to adapt and loved the PowerPoint designs and teachers handbook” – Charetha Parnell, Tampa Housing Authority.

      CPD Accredited

      CPD Accredited Training Course Materials

      PhD and pedagogy professionals

      Educational and Trainer Experts


      CPD Approved provider

      CPD Approved provider

      Immediately downloadable training materials

      Instantly Downloadable Materials

      Our packages are perfect for employee training and development and as corporate training materials. The comprehensive teaching materials are available and instantly downloadable, as off-the-shelf style courses. By this, we mean that the courses include everything you need to immediately start teaching these courses.


      What are training course materials?

      Training course materials are a set of items for providing workshops for courses. The items tend to include PowerPoint slides, trainer notes, activity handouts, and workbooks.

      How do you create training course materials?

      You need to

      • Fully research the topic
      • Set teaching aims and objectives
      • Design the PowerPoint presentation
      • Create activities for participant engagement
      • Design participant handouts
      • Thoroughly proofread and check the materials
      Why do you need training course materials?

      These materials make it easy for you to deliver training such as for a half or full day workshop for employees, as they provide everything you’ll need including activities and slide show.

      What is training course content?

      Training course content is courseware that can be used for providing training for employees and include icebreakers, training activities and the overall training materials.

      What are the aims and objectives of a training course?

      These will be specific to the topic being taught. Ideally you will have 3 – 5 aims and objectives for each logical area or section of the training topic, followed by a conclusion and actions.

      How interactive and engaging are the training materials?

      The course materials include exercises, icebreakers and training activities, to make the training engaging and enjoyable. It helps learners to absorb information better and learn when training i sfun.

      Who Are the Training Course Materials for?

      Are you a:

      • Manager
      • trainer working in an HR
      • staff development department
      • Corporate or freelance trainer?

      Then these course materials are for you!

      You may be a manager who is in charge of developing your team members, but you don’t have time to prepare the materials.

      If so, buying ready-to-use training course materials can help you deliver effective training to your employees, while leaving you time to do all the other managerial tasks that are part of your job.

      You may be a trainer who works for a company in a staff development department.

      In this case, being a corporate trainer is your job, but you may still be short of time because you are asked to deliver many sessions on a wide range of topics. If so, you don’t have time to research every topic in-depth and design the materials from scratch. Buying readymade management training course materials can save you a lot of time and be a great investment.

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