Online Teaching for Teachers, Freelance and Corporate Trainers

In this section of teaching online, we cover everything from the tools, equipment and platforms that you can use to teach online, through to how to buy or create online training course materials including ppt PowerPoint slides for your live digital classroom. If we are missing any guides you need please email us.

3 Reasons to Provide Corporate Training Online

The 5 areas of workplace wellness from Gallup are worth drawing on and these areas are:

  • Easy access – Using digital classrooms means the chance to offer classes and lessons to anyone in the world. In other words, the geographical barrier to e-teaching is removed. You can run classes online that are live and have students from different countries live on your lesson. Students from USA, Australia, India, Canada, and Ireland can all be involved in your online teaching at the same time.
  • Cost – Teaching online can mean that the overheads for you as a freelance teacher or freelance trainer, are greatly reduced. Whilst you will have to pay for key equipment for teaching online, the saving in travel costs and venue hire costs can be significant.
  • Environment – Without the need to travel long distances to provide teaching and training in-person, online teaching does provide an environmentally friendly method for learning. (Make sure by the way to check our Environmental Awareness training materials!)

3 Training Courses That Are Great for Teaching Online as a Freelance Trainer

These courses, by the way, come with a full digital pack i.e. ppt PowerPoint slides, teacher’s and students’ eHandbooks and eCertificates:

  • Mindfulness for busy people – as we spend more time in this global and digital world, we can sometimes lose our sense of place and get easily distracted regards what is important and how to relax. This course can be taught online or in a physical classroom.
  • Digital Marketing training materials – in this digital world, it is essential to understand online and digital marketing as a business, if you want to compete. Likewise, even if you are a university, college or whatever type of company you are, digital marketing skills are always a vital ingredient in your marketing.
  • Train the Trainer – You can study this course online in your own time and at your own pace. Learn how to be a great corporate trainer and teacher.

We would love to hear from you whether it is a question about teaching online, about how to use digital training course materials in your online classroom, or if you are a freelance trainer teaching offline in the non-digital world. If you have questions please contact us right now via our contact form.