One of the best free team-building activities for you to use if you are a trainer running a marketing-related training program (make sure to check our marketing trainers packs) is the ‘What’s in the room’ game.

Marketing training game

As a trainer, you do not need to worry about any props or preparation for this activity given its simplicity. For a simple to organize activity though, participants can get very creative and have a lot of fun.

Duration and Cost

  • 30 – 60 minutes is the ideal time for this activity. You can adapt it according to if you are running a half, full or two to a three day training session.
  • This is a FREE activity that you can use for your own training.

Category: Marketing Training

Participants: This activity works best with a minimum of 4 people and ideally no more than 6 people in each group.

Purpose: Each group is going to come up with a marketing plan based on an item that is placed in the room. Each group will work as a team and then present its marketing plan to the other groups.

Activity Instructions


As the trainer, you may wish to ensure that you bring some basic items into the workshop.

These items might as well be light and easy to carry such as a pen, a paper cup, a book, and any other basic items you wish to use.

Anything that already exists in the training room can also be used by the groups. The groups can choose anything that is in the room.

Separate the Participants

Divide the participants into groups of between four and six people.

The length of this activity will depend on the number of groups you have, hence why anything from thirty minutes to one hour can be used for this task.


Now ask the groups to spend 20 minutes choosing an item in the room.

They then have to plan a marketing strategy around promoting and selling that product.

Each group can choose the item they wish to use from the room

Presenting the Marketing Plan

Each group (or selected groups if you have a large number of groups) is then given 5 minutes to explain their marketing plan to everyone else.

You can include time also for a general discussion at the end about the results and to vote on which plan they considered the best.

Classroom lesson plans

Benefits of this Marketing training game

  • This marketing activity gives the participants a chance to think outside of the box, i.e. to think about how they would market quite basic objects. This task pushes everyone to think creatively.
  • This free activity also pushes participants to develop team-building skills by working with others for a common goal.
  • At the end of the task, having heard the other groups’ ideas and approaches, this task provides a reflective way of learning as participants match and compare their own thoughts against those presented by other groups.
  • This is a fun activity that is popular and tends to receive positive feedback when included in the training.
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Dr Valeria Lo Iacono