Last updated March 17, 2023

Here’s a free team-building game for you to use that is very easy to run and that always creates positive energy in the training room. Some of the most dynamic and popular team-building games and activities can also be the simplest ones. One such game is the Lottery Win Game below.

Lottery team building free game


15 – 20 minutes (depending on class size)


Free to use.


Ice Breaker Exercise & Creativity Building & Happiness

What’s Involved


There is nothing like a fun activity that everyone in the class tends to enjoy and take pleasure in participating in.

This game is great for getting people to start off the training session creativity and for breaking down any barriers in terms of training room atmosphere, especially when the participants are new to each other.

This game is also extremely useful as a warm-up for the life planning training package as a way of showcasing what matters in life and how to plan accordingly.

Purpose of This Corporate Training Game

In the ‘Big Lottery win game‘ the task is very simple.

Each participant will write down what they would do if they were to win and were given £10 million pounds (or Euros or dollars i.e. whatever the local currency).

After 5 minutes of compiling their own lists, each person (or a selected number of participants if the class is big), will be asked to say to the whole group, what they have chosen they would do with the money.

As the trainer, you can write down the ideas on a whiteboard and start to group the items such as by friends/family, material items, travel/holiday, and so on.

Ice-Breaker Game Instructions:

1. Make sure that each person has paper and a pen or pencil.

2. Explain to everyone that they have to pretend that they have just won the lottery and the amount is GBP £25 million (or 25 million of the local currency or a large significant amount in whatever country you are using this game).

3. Inform the participants that they have 5 minutes to write down a list of the things they would do with the money.

Tell them that they can have as many things listed as they so wish, but that they have 5 minutes to complete the task.

Now allow the participants to get started. Make it clear though that there are no right or wrong answers.

4. After 5 minutes, ask everyone to stop what they are writing.

5. Next, ask each person to say what is on their list and allow for discussion to occur if it does so naturally.

Depending on the number of people on the training course, ask each person to say aloud the items they listed.

6. If you wish to, as the trainer, stand at a whiteboard as people read their list and write the items on the board and group them into logical groups that you will find naturally evolve according to:

  • material items
  • friends and family
  • travel and luxury
  • Some other categories may also emerge

7. Allow 5 minutes for the group to discuss the list. This normally will occur very easily.

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Benefits of This Ice-Breaker Game

This is a fun activity that very quickly and easily creates a positive mood.

This game works and is suitable for most training packages because it is a great activity for getting the class to feel relaxed and setting the tone for a fun training day.

This game also ties in nicely with the developing discussion around material happiness and mindfulness if you are teaching these subjects. This game also works for marketing training classes. 

The lottery game concept is used in fact in many areas related to education

Overall this is an extremely easy game to organize, requires no real props apart from the pen and paper, and also seems to excite participants.

Dr Valeria Lo Iacono