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This ‘Introduction to Mindfulness’ course package is designed for trainers to deliver a session on mindfulness training for beginners.

This training package is:

  • Fully customizable and editable
  • US English & British English compatible
  • Downloadable immediately
  • Can also be adapted to use for online teaching and training in virtual classrooms.
  • and you will own the rights to edit and reuse it for as many of ‘your own courses’ as you wish

Why Teach Introduction to Mindfulness?

As a trainer, being able to offer mindfulness training as part of your soft skills training portfolio, will give your clients a wider range of self-development courses to choose from.

A course on mindfulness is suited to a wide range of clients, such as:

  • Corporate staff
  • Academics
  • Students
  • Self-employed people
  • Any individual who would like to improve their quality of life
Introduction to mindfuless training materials

In today’s hectic world many people will benefit from a course on mindfulness.

Thus, you will be able to use this introduction to mindfulness training package for a variety of clients in a vast array of situations.

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Samples from Training Course Materials

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What Are the Benefits of Mindfulness Training?

Mindfulness is a mental state that is aimed at living the present moment. It involves a variety of techniques to achieve this state, including meditation.

There have been numerous academic studies highlighting the benefits of mindfulness. By helping us to live in the moment, mindfulness is said to improve:

  • Mental health
  • Physical health
  • General well-being
  • Resilience
  • Well-being in the workplace (thus improving communication, reducing stress and reducing turnover and burnout)

Therefore, an ‘Introduction to Mindfulness’ training session can be very useful for a variety of people.

Who Is the This Training Package Intended for?

Trainers who wish to provide a workshop on mindfulness to those who are new or relatively new to this subject area.

This package includes all course materials for teaching the basics of mindfulness and to introduce participants to some of the key concepts and techniques and empower them to live better on a daily basis.


1 day


Beginner (those who are new to mindfulness)

Course Outline and Objectives

This course is an introduction to mindfulness for those new to this subject.

This tends to be a relaxed and fun course for participants but is one also that participants usually find rewarding. Quite often participants inquire about further training options, following this course.

As a trainer, you will often find that participants will book for stage 2 mindfulness training also.

At the end of the course, participants should be able to:

✔  Discuss the concept of mindfulness and how this can be used to improve how we live.

✔  Apply techniques to de-stress and return to simple values that matter.

✔  Put certain mindfulness techniques into practice.

✔  Act in such ways that will help them to be better at dealing with others.

✔  Improve all aspects of one’s life including at work, family time, and leisure time.

✔  Be more focused and appreciate the simple things in life.

Delivery Method

This workshop is a fun interactive one, which involves participants getting involved such as through basic meditation and through group sharing and discussions.

This is a very positive workshop that participants always tend to give very positive feedback on.

This is tutor-led in that you, as the trainer, will explain certain meanings, techniques, and strategies for understanding and benefiting from mindfulness, but there is a chance to involve the group throughout, via classroom activities.

In addition, it is possible to adapt these materials for teaching through digital online teaching platforms. The PowerPoint slides can be used for teaching online and, as part of the training materials, we provide some guidance with suggestions on how you can adapt the activities for an online session.

Topics That Will Be Covered Include:

What is Mindfulness?

  • Explanations of what mindfulness involves (including focus, appreciation of the present moment, detachment
  • self-acceptance, and compassion)
  • Example activities to highlight how mindfulness changes perception
  • Basic attention-focusing exercises
  • Mindful attitudes and thoughts

What Is Mindfulness Useful for and How Do You Practise It?

  • Why mindfulness is important and how it can change your life
  • Breathing and body scan activities
  • Using mindfulness to manage stress
  • Why mindfulness can help overcome avoidance and procrastination
  • Improve organizational skills using mindfulness principles
  • Increasing appreciation
  • Letting go of negativity
  • Improve relations with others
  • The raisin exercise and other mindfulness activities

Planning Forward

  • Using a mindfulness questionnaire to assess how mindfulness can be useful for you
  • Mindfulness tips for everyday life
  • Developing your own mindfulness plan

With This Course, Instantly Download:

✔  67 PowerPoint  slide deck (includes tutor notes on each slide)

✔  47-page Trainers handbook

✔ Participants’ workbook

✔ Two scripts to guide participants through meditation activities

✔ Four handouts for class exercises

✔ Sign-in sheet

✔ Course feedback form

✔  Course certificate (printable to hand to participants)

✔ Pre-course preparation guide

✔ A PDF guide with suggestions on how to adapt the activities for teaching the course online, if you ever need to.

Doc Documents are delivered using MS Word, PDF (in case you do not have MS Word), and PowerPoint.

The MS Word and PowerPoint files are fully editable, so you can adapt the material to your specific needs

Teaching mindfulness with this training package
Mindfulness courseware

American & British English Compatible

Suitable for both American English & British English styles.

  • We have avoided any words that can cause confusion between American and British English styles such as soccer/football.
  • We have used terms that are common in both and we have used the American style for a few words where a ‘z’ rather than ‘s’ is used i.e. materialize.

Happy Customers Include

Companies who but our PowerPoint slides and trainer notes


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