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In terms of human resources training materials, there are a number of training topics that can be used both for providing training to HR staff or for training all employees.

Human resources training materials

In terms of human resources training materials, there are two types:

  • Training for people working in HR management (HR programs)
  • Training for all employees company-wide that is managed and provided for by the Human Resources department

Whatever category the training fits into from the 2 types above, these 7 training areas below are recommended and suitable for all employees (including for HR staff).

7 Human Resources Training Materials

1. Dealing With Difficult and Problem People

Whether you are a supervisor, manager or someone in HR, we inevitably have to deal with people and this can often involve managing awkward and problematic employees.

There are certain techniques and methods for effectively dealing with these situations correctly.

Deal with employee issues correctly, and you will avoid issues developing into much bigger problems.

>> Learn more about the Dealing with Problem Employees training materials.

2. Problem Solving Skills

No matter what your role in the company, if you have any responsibility in terms of managing or dealing with other people, problem-solving skills will always be useful.

Like most issues that occur in the workplace, there are structured ways to approach sorting out a problem or issue and a short training session in problem-solving can really help.

Buy Problem solving teaching materials
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3. Inclusive Leadership

Ensuring that all employees are treated fairly and given an equal opportunity to be included is essential.

When we talk about including all employees, this includes in respect for:

  • promotion opportunities
  • listening to their ideas and giving everyone a fair chance to be included in meetings and decisions in the team
  • Ensuring that employees who work remotely get the same training and career development opportunities as office-based staff

Much greater awareness now exists in understanding the role that Inclusive leadership training plays these days in company culture.

In terms of human resources training materials, Inclusive Leadership is one of the hr training programs certainly worth considering.

Inclusive Leadership teaching materials
Inclusive Leadership teaching materials

4. Stress Management

Stress Management is another workplace and employee training topic that can benefit both HR professionals and all other employees.

Whatever the reason for experiencing stress in the workplace, stress is a very real and sometimes very debilitating experience.

Providing workshops in stress management training can be extremely effective in arming employees, managers, and those in charge of HR with the tools to better manage stress.

Below is an example of human resources training materials for stress management:

Stress management PowerPoint Slides and trainer notes and training materials

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5. Basic Introduction to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Whether it is for human resources employees, for managers, or for all employees, holding a 1 to 2-hour workshop on the absolute basic fundamentals of exactly what we mean by equality, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace, can be invaluable.

Given that managers and HR employees make a lot of key decisions that directly impact employees, it is especially important for them to understand EDI.

The Intro to EDI training materials are designed for a very basic introduction and are the basis for lead to the longer Equality and Diversity training materials

6. Mentoring Skills Training

Mentoring is another key area for both HR management training and for managers training, as understanding how to motivate and guide employees is a key skill.

If you are guiding or managing others at work, understanding mentoring skills and coaching skills, will be invaluable.

7. Dealing with Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace

Dealing with issues such as bullying and harassment at work can require the need for great sensitivity and care.

Dealing with the emotional issues related to bullying and harassment (to protect the employee), whilst also ensuring that you consider ethical and legal requirements to protect the business, is not easy.

The managing bullying and harassment training materials can be used to provide training to any personnel in your HR team or for any managers that can benefit from this type of training.

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