Page Updated on February 22, 2023

Buying courses

Buying Training Course Materials Made Easy!

1. Choose a Course

Finding online training materials

Just search our site for a course that interests you (all courses are listed here).

On each course outline page, there is an explanation of the course outline and who the training is aimed at.

2. Add a course to the shopping basket & place an order

Shopping basket

Add the course/s that interest you into the shopping basket using the ‘Purchase’ button. You will have the chance to review anything you buy before paying for the courses/s.

When you are satisfied with the order you make payment using your chosen payment method

3. Download your course materials package

Download the materials

You will receive an immediate email confirmation and a link to download the course/s that you have purchased.

The link you receive will direct you to download the course you have purchased.

This is normally a simple and smooth process but we are also on hand in case you have any questions. Email us at any time via

4. Edit and Customise if needed

If you wish to put your branding onto the training you certainly can.

The documents and PowerPoint slides can very easily be edited and customized to meet your needs.

5. Starting running your training courses

This of course is the most exciting stage, for you, the trainer.

This is where you yourself can very easily recoup the cost of the training package by giving training courses to groups of people.

The fact that you can re-use the courses you purchase, as many times as you wish, means that the commercial benefits to you, in purchasing these courses can be ten-fold.

6. Buy more training

After you have enjoyed one of our courses, we would love to see you return to buy more courses.

We do NOT provide custom-made packages.

Dr Valeria (Lo Iacono) Symonds