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A free training day activity that gets attendees laughing aloud and is one of the best ice breakers, is the ‘Who Am I’, activity.

Games for management training with the 'Who Am I' ice breaker

Duration and Cost

  • Duration: 15 minutes is the ideal time-frame for this training activity.
  • FREE activity.

Category: Games for Management Training

Ice Breaker – perfect for breaking the ice between participants to get them talking and to know each other, at the start of the training session.


This is a fun activity and game that gets participants to communicate, interact and is a great ice breaker in that it gets people smiling and relaxes participants.


Every participant will be given a piece of paper that will be taped to their forehead (or onto their back if needed because of head-wear).

On each piece of paper will be written the name of a famous person such as a sports star, movie star, TV celebrity and so on.

The more famous the better so that as many participants as possible will recognise the name.

Including a photo of the celebrity on the paper is even better given that some participants may recognise the photo and not the name.

Participants must walk around and ask each other questions to which ONLY a yes or no answer may be given.

By asking questions, each person should try and identify what celebrity they themselves are.

Allow fifteen minutes for this activity to conclude before asking each person to then identify themselves.

The ‘Who Am I’ is an easy game for trainers to organise and one of the most popular free training games.

Activity Instructions

1. Before the lesson, make sure you have a large number of pieces of paper with the names (and photos if you can) of famous celebrities.

Try and make sure the names are as mainstream as possible so that they are well-known.

Make an extra five more than the expected class number in case any names are considered too unknown by the participants.

2. Ensure you take sellotape with you also to the training location.

3. At the beginning of the activity, explain the goal of the activity to all participants and the time frame (see information in the purpose section above).

4. Participants should NOT be able to see their own name. In order to achieve this, make sure that each person picks a name and then tapes this to another person’s forehead.

5. Allow 15 minutes for the activity to take place.

6. When the 15 minutes is over, ask participants to KEEP their name tag on and to return to their seat.

7. Each person must then say aloud who they believe they are.

Activity Benefits

This activity is a great one to use early on in any training programming in order to get participants to relax, have fun and to meet the other participants.

Team building activities are proven to work and they certainly, from our experience as corporate trainers, help to create better results in the training we deliver.

This can also be a great game for including in team building training sessions, given that it creates a level of interaction and involves each participant needing to help the other.

You can find a bunch more free training games for management training here.

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