Free Training Resources for Corporate and Freelance Trainers

On this page are lots of free training resources that you are free to use for developing your own training workshops and sessions. Hopefully you find the resources useful and helpful for your own training. In addition to lots of free icebreaker activities and team-building activities, you can find for you you as a freelance trainer or corporate trainer, you can also download  for FREE, the free pre-training day downloadable checklist + a FREE 54-page long eBook with 25 classroom games and activities.

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Free Downloadables: 54-Page Activities eBook & Training Day Preparation Checklist


Free Ice Breaker Training Activities

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Icebreaker training games and activities are a wonderful way to start off a training session. They help you to build a good training room vibe, by helping participants to get acquainted and to feel at ease. These icebreakers help you to build rapport, and instill a sense of positive energy and excitement into the training room. They also get people engaged and participating and break down barriers.

Free Team Building Training Activities & Games

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If you are holding a training session for a work team or for any situation where team building is important, these free team building activities are for you! For so many work tasks, being able to work with other people effectively is essential (see also our interpersonal skills training course materials) and team building activities can really help to build the sense of team in workplace training.

Free Soft Skills Training Activities & Exercises

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At the core of so much workplace training, soft skills are the focus. Soft skills such as communication, managerial, leadership, and everyday interpersonal skills are essential. Use these training activities to help in your soft skills training. Many of these free training resources are dsigned with soft skills such as time management, decision making, listening skills, strategic thinking, and problem solving in mind (to name but as few) as we focus on providing soft skills and employee development materials.

Free Online Teaching Guides for Offering Online Training Workshops

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Teaching online whether as a corporate freelance trainer or offering your own workshops to a special interest group, is different from in-person training. These free training resources and guides might help you for offering online training workshops.

All Free Training Resources – Activities, Games & Exercises

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You can also check all of the free training activities, exercises and games for more ideas to develop your training day planning and to get the most out of your training. Please check back often also as we continually add new free trainng resources to this site and to this page.