Free Resources for Corporate Trainers

Free training resources

We have created some free resources for corporate trainers, that can be requested and downloaded completely for FREE by filling the forms below.

We have created:

 – A free pre-training day downloadable checklist.

 – A free eBook, 54 pages long and with 25 classroom games and activities.

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Free Checklist

A pre-training checklist is one of the most useful free resources for corporate trainers.

There are so many things to do, set up and remember before every training session that it is easy to forget. This list will help you remember them, so you are always prepared and well organised.

Free eBook

This free 54 pages downloadable eBook contains 25 games and activities for your participants to do during training.

This book contains 54 pages full of activities including ice-breakers, team building exercises and other games to encourage reflection and discussion.

As participants learn better by being actively involved, it is vital for a successful training session to include a variety of activities. However, it is not always easy to think of new games. This is why an eBook like this is one of the must-have free resources for corporate trainers.