This free mindfulness activity below is an incredibly simple, easy and cost-effective game to run and it instantly tends to create a very positive atmosphere in the training room.

The positive mindfulness vibe game

Purpose of Activity

This activity is one you can actually use in a wide range of training programs and is one that we include in our ‘Building Confidence at Work’ training program.

For mindfulness, this activity is especially good because you can use it to start your training session off by generating a very positive vibe within the classroom.

The participants will work in pairs and change pairs through the activity as they tell others about their positive traits.

This free mindfulness activity thus acts as a fun and very easy-to-run icebreaker, but also fits perfectly into creating positive energy for courses such as an Introduction to Mindfulness where we are seeking to include positive thinking.

Icebreaker Objective

  1. Get participants to mix and to know each other whilst building a positive vibe within the classroom, at the start of the session.
  2. To make participants aware that we all have positive attributes that are valuable.

Activity Length

You can vary the length of this activity according to the number of people in the training session but I recommend making this a 15-minute icebreaker.

What You Need

For this free mindfulness activity, you will need only one thing and that is the prompts list of 40 positive statements.

You can either show this on a Powerpoint slide or provide a printout for each participant.

You will not need anything else.


1. Make the positive vibes prompts list available on a handout or on screen for the participants.

2. Inform the participants that this task will go on for 10 minutes and that they should use this as an opportunity to get to know their fellow participants.

3. Ask participants to chat with one other person and to take turns explaining to the other, a positive vibe about themselves. They should then chat about the positive vibe each of them tells the other.

4. If there are an odd number of participants, then you as the trainer can pair up with one person on each cycle of this activity.

5. After 3 minutes, ask participants to pair up with another person that they have not yet talked to, and to choose another positive vibe about themselves (from the list or one they can think of), and chat about each other’s positive vibe choice.

6. During the 9 minutes, they will do this task 3 times.

7. After the task above, you will run a class discussion as detailed below.


Having a group discussion at the end of the exercise for 5 -6 minutes can also be worth considering. Ask participants, for example:

  • How did you find the exercise and what did you learn?
  • What did you find most interesting about other people’s responses?
  • Do you tend to spend time reflecting on your own positive traits enough? Any thoughts?
  • How could this type of positive vibes game be used more in the workplace?
Classroom lesson plans

Positive Vibes Prompts List

Note: This is a list to give a prompt to the participants. They can make up their own positive vibes ideas or they can select vibes from the list of 50 ideas below.

Download the PDF: 50 Positive Vibes Icebreaker Prompts.

  1. I am a great listener.
  2. I am a very loyal friend.
  3. I am a confident person.
  4. I like to try new challenges.
  5. I am open-minded and love trying new things.
  6. I am a generous person who loves giving to others.
  7. I am a very self-disciplined person.
  8. I am a very loving and caring person.
  9. I am not afraid to make mistakes and I learn from them.
  10. I always try my best but I am a good loser i.e. do not take things personally.
  11. I am good at thinking outside the box.
  12. I am great under pressure.
  13. I am a great problem solver.
  14. I am outgoing and good at starting conversations with others.
  15. I am willing to take risks.
  16. I love who I am.
  17. I always start the day feeling positive.
  18. I love meeting new people.
  19. I am always laughing and having fun.
  20. I am a great communicator.
  21. I am a great team player.
  22. I am very good at using my own initiative.
  23. I am very calm under pressure.
  24. I am a good person.
  25. I am a good friend.
  26. I am dependable and reliable.
  27. I am a great time-keeper.
  28. I do voluntary work.
  29. I am a carer and give time helping others.
  30. I am a patient person.
  31. I have positive energy in me.
  32. I am always grateful for the small things in life.
  33. I am always open to learning new things.
  34. I am a funny person.
  35. I am hard-working.
  36. I am a genuine and authentic person.
  37. I am a creative person.
  38. I am a critical thinker and try to see things from all perspectives.
  39. I am sensible with money.
  40. I am an honest person.
  41. I am very accepting of other people who are different from me.
  42. I am a good handy person i.e. good at fixing things.
  43. I am trustworthy.
  44. I am a very supportive person.
  45. I am humble and modest (and do not normally talk about my best traits)
  46. I am a very forgiving person.
  47. Optimism is my middle name.
  48. I am a decisive individual who is good at making decisions.
  49. I feel that I am an articulate person.
  50. I am an imaginative person with lots of great ideas.
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Dr Valeria Lo Iacono