54-Page Free Training Activities eBook for Trainers

Are you a corporate trainer who is seeking to make your sessions more interactive and fun? Do you need some new ideas for free training activities?

Free Training activities and ice breakers PDF
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If so, our 54-page free eBook is for you!

This eBook is easy to download. It is 54 pages long and it contains 25 free corporate training activities for you to use in your training sessions.

Activities include games, icebreakers, discussion starters, and activities that focus on revision and team building. Download the free eBook above!

Why Do You Need Activities for Your Training Session?

In the field of education and the theory of how adults learn (andragogy), it has become widely accepted that learners need to be active participants in the learning process.

Games and activities are a good way to make sure that learners are actively engaged. The free corporate training activities in our eBook help participants be involved in building their own knowledge.

In the FREE eBook, we include activities that engage a variety of senses. Activities involving images for visual learners, more active games for kinesthetic learners, and discussions for people who prefer to listen and talk.

Types of Free Training Activities Included in Our eBook

The eBook includes many types of activities that can be useful for your training sessions, such as:

  • Icebreakers – these are useful to help participants get to know each other, while at the same time introducing the topic. Some icebreakers can also be useful when the energy levels are low, to re-energize the group.
  • Team building games – these are good for training sessions on communication, working as a team, and leadership.
  • Discussion starters – one of the advantages of taking part in group training sessions is for participants to bounce ideas off each other. These discussion starters are useful to open a discussion and keep it focused on the training topic.
  • Brainstorming activities – similarly, working as a group can foster creativity and we have included some activities that help participants to brainstorm.
  • Evaluation and planning – these activities are useful for training sessions on topics such as life planning and time management.
  • Revision games – these games are designed for participants to revise their knowledge in a fun way.

How Using Activities Helped Me as a Trainer

When I first started my career as a trainer and educator, I was not used to employing games and activities.

When I was a student, particularly at university as an undergraduate, our teachers lectured and students listened passively. So, when I first started teaching, I did not know any better.

As I started teaching though, I soon realized the importance of keeping learners interested through interaction. Therefore, I became interested in researching and using activities to make my sessions more fun and more engaging.

In this book, I have included some of the activities I used in the past, which I hope you too will find helpful.

Free Training activities and ice breakers PDF
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