Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for buying training course materials

Buying Training Course Materials

How does the buying process work?

You can see the 5 stage process in detail here.

What currencies do you accept?

All currencies are accepted!

How do I receive the course once I have bought it?

Once you have paid for the course/s using your preferred payment method online, you will immediately receive an email with download instructions,

Using this link, you can download the course materials as one file. If you have any problems at all, please contact us via

Will you provide an invoice if I need one?

Absolutely. We are a Limited company and can provide invoices on request.

What exactly is included in the training packages?

You can find out about everything that is included with the packages here.

Am I allowed to change the courseware to adapt it if I want to?

Yes, the courses are designed to be fully adaptable and editable so that you can change any slides or forms as you wish at any change.

You cannot resell the training though. The training is for you as the trainer to provide training and not for you to resell.

What format do the files come in?

The files you will receive digitally are all suitable to be used with Microsoft Office.

Is it safe to buy online from you?

Indeed, we use the biggest and most popular payment systems online by using PayPal and Google Checkout. We do not store your card details and we do not pass on any financial details to anyone else.

What payment types do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal payments.

Do I need a postal address?

No. Everything you receive will be sent to you by email so you just need to make sure you have access to the email you use for buying the course/s.

What if I change my mind after buying the course?

People are usually very happy with the course once they receive it and we do try to ensure that the course is clearly explained on the course page.

If you have any issue though we do have a customer care team and we will do all we can to accommodate your needs.

I just bought a course but I haven’t received it!

The first thing to do is to check the spam folder in your email, just in case, for some reason, the email with the details of the course has ended up there.

Do also allow up to one hour just in case your email provider has any issues. After that, please feel free to contact our customer care department.

What is your Copyright policy?

We reserve all rights which in effect means that you are not permitted to resell the courseware.

Using the Courseware

What if I want a custom-made course designed especially?

We do make custom-made training courses for companies although these do cost significantly more than the off-the-shelf packages we have on sale on this site.

We are experienced researchers and training developers so please feel free to contact us if you need bespoke training course-ware designed.

Classroom lesson plans

How many times may I use the training package?

You can use the course as many times as you want. If you are teaching the course 10 times in one year then you only need to buy the course package from us one time only. You can use it as much as you want to!

Can I resell the item or give it to someone else?

Under no circumstances should the course/s be resold. This breaches our terms and conditions. The sale is for personal use i.e. to create training programs that you will provide.

Are the courses suitable for all forms of English i.e. American and British English?

The courses are designed such that they are suitable for American English, British, and all other forms of English. The lessons are generic in that they are not specific to any language and where needed, if a word might otherwise be confusing, both the American and British English words are used together.

Can I get CPD Certificates?

You can read more on our certificates page.

How Do I Talk t a Support Person?

You can email us at any time for support on or call UK +44) 01305 542045