FREE Email Course for Corporate Trainers

Have you ever wondered how some trainers manage to keep their participants’ attention and make them really interested in what the trainer is trying to teach?

As a corporate trainer, there are many things that can help you engage your learners and deliver effective training sessions.

This FREE 5-Day email training course is specifically designed for trainers who would like to learn more about how to be better trainers.

Our short email course for trainers is an introduction to our more in-depth Train the Trainer courses and it is delivered in 5 separate emails.

You will receive one email a day for 5 days. Each email covers a different aspect of effective teaching with tips and advice on how to teach effectively and involve your learners.

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What Is Included in Our 5-Day Email Course for Trainers?

Our free email course for trainers includes a variety of topics, including what motivates participants to learn, how to help learners remember what you taught and how to use feedback.

This is very useful information if you are starting out as a trainer or if you have already started but want some extra tips and ideas.

Day 1 – The Motivation Challenge: How to Inspire Adult Learners

This email covers the topic of what motivates adult learners. Understanding what motivates your learners will help you keep them engaged and wanting to learn more.

Day 2 – How to Keep Your Learners’ Attention

This lesson gives further tips and advice on how to keep learners engaged throughout the session.

For example, you need to engage them with discussions, activities and more. Most of all, make sure that they are not just listening to you talk but are actively participating.

Day 3 – How to Create the Best Environment to Foster Learning

In day 3, the course covers tips about the learning environment with reference to both the physical and the mental environment.

Day 4 – How to Make Your Message Stick: 10 Tested Tips

This lesson is about helping your learners remember what you taught them. Engaging your learners is not enough if then they don’t remember what you have covered. So, how do you make your message stick?

Day 5 – How to Gather and Give Effective Feedback

Feedback is a very important tool for learning and teaching. Day 5 of our email course for trainers is about using feedback to improve your teaching. So, it is about how to get feedback from participants as well as how to give feedback to them to help them learn.

Our free 5-day email course is designed to help you grow your business as a trainer! Request your course below.