Dr Paul Symonds

Dr Paul Symonds
  • PhD in Wayfinding using Sociology
  • Written several academic publications
  • 8+ years experience working for the Department of Continuing Professional Education (now Lifelong Learning) at Cardiff University, UK
  • 2 years of Teaching experience for the Pagoda Institute, Seoul, Korea.
  • 5 years experience with educational software working for Interactive Services eLearning Ireland (a company now merged with LRN) and OD2 in England.
  • Involved in the field of education for over 22 years. Paul worked in Gangnam, Korea, for 2 years teaching business professionals in Korea, before achieving a Master’s degree in Computer-Based Information Systems (CBIS). Paul has also worked with eLearning in Ireland with ‘Interactive Services’ in eLearning design.

Academic Publications

Journal articles