Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Training Course Materials for Trainers

Here you can find all of your customizable equality, diversity and inclusion training materials for you to use when running workshops in EDI. Use these training course materials to provide workshops, classes and training days.

These training packages are all:

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 Diversity and Inclusion Training Materials

What is Diversity Training and Why Is It Useful

Diversity and inclusion training course materials

Diversity training is aimed at trying to reduce and limit the level of prejudice and lack of understanding of people’s needs in the workplace and outside of work. Teaching people the skills to identify and improve their understanding of the issues surrounding this topic has several benefits.

As a business, you firstly help to ensure that you meet legislative requirements such as the ADA (in the U.S.) and DDA (in the UK).

Secondly, you will create a fairer and happier workplace. Staff who work in a supportive environment are more likely to work efficiently, take fewer days off sick and stick with the same company for longer. All of this has a positive impact on business.

As a trainer, being able to offer equality, diversity and inclusion topics, will bring your offer in line with some of the most current issues in modern society.

Equality, diversity and inclusion training is frequently requested by organizations small and big, including large firms, government bodies and universities.

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EDI Resources

What to include in diversity and inclusion training?

There are many topics within EDI (equality, diversity, and inclusion) so what you will include will depend on the specific EDI topic.

Generally though you will want to include a PowerPoint presentation, training activities and trainer notes in the diversity and inclusion training materials.

What are the 4 pillars of diversity and inclusion?

1. Respect – respecting everyone.

2. Equity – ensuring that all business policies and procedures are fair and everyone is treated equally.

3. Awareness – promoting diversity and inclusion awareness proactively.

4. Accountability – making everyone, i.e. all employees, responsible for being respectful and treating colleagues equally and fairly.

What topics do you provide inclusion and diversity training course materials on?

Several topics come under equality, diversity and inclusion but some popular courses to provide for employees include:

  • Inclusive leadership
  • Allyship
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Intercultural communication
  • EDI Basics for all employees
How do I create a DEI training program?

1. Think about what aspect of DEI you wish to provide training on. Topics include allyship, unconscious bias, and inclusive management.

2. Create a set of aims and objectives and design the training materials (or use our pre-made EDI teaching materials) around the aims and objectives.

3. Add training activities to help start the training off in a relaxed manner and to make the learning enjoyable and memorable.

What are the benefits of giving diversity equity and inclusion training?
  • A workplace that is more inclusive for ALL employees
  • A better working environment for all
  • You’ll be meeting legal requirements as a business
  • Happier employees
  • Lower staff turnover

If you are looking for free diversity and inclusion training activities you can find a range of games and activities on our free training games page, including the unconscious bias quiz.

Most of the diversity equity and inclusion resources can be found inside the downloadable EDI training packages that we sell here online.