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The aim of our digital wellbeing training course materials is to help your participants understand the risks and benefits of digital technologies in relation to their own well-being and wellness.

Digital wellness training course materials

This training package is:

  • Fully customizable and editable
  • US English & British English compatible
  • Downloadable immediately
  • Can also be adapted to use for online teaching and training in virtual classrooms.
  • and you will own the rights to edit and reuse it for as many of ‘your own courses’ as you wish
Comprehensive workplace digital wellness Training Resources

Samples from the Digital Wellbeing Training Course Materials

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These pre-made ready-to-use digital wellness training slides and notes are perfect for corporate workshops and for workplace training. The presenter notes and training resources provide guidance for teaching a 2-hour workshop but can be fully edited for holding a shorter or longer training session.

Outline and Objectives of Our Off-the-shelf Digital Wellness Training Course Materials

The aim of the digital wellness training course materials is to help participants be more aware of the risks and to maximize the benefits of digital technology in relation to their own wellness.

These training materials are designed to encourage participants to reflect on their current use of digital technologies, and to discuss the risks and benefits of these technologies for their well-being.

By the end of the course, participants should be able to:

✔ Reflect on their use of digital technologies

✔ Define digital well-being and wellness.

✔ Discuss the risks and the benefits to their personal well-being of using digital technology

✔ Identify issues around how information is shared through digital technologies

✔ Discuss the impact of digital technologies on people’s self-confidence and sense of achievement

✔ Discuss the impact of digital technologies on the way people interact with each other

✔ Identify strategies to manage digital technologies in such a way as to improve their wellbeing

By the end of this course, they will know how to reduce the risks and maximize the benefits of digital technologies and assess if they need a digital detox.

Why Provide Digital Wellbeing Training Courses as a Trainer?

Digital wellbeing is a new area of research in the field of wellness and well-being and it is destined to grow fast as digital technologies become ever more present in our lives.

Our interaction with digital technologies is very likely to increase, rather than decrease over time. As a result, if you want to come across as a trainer who is up to date with current issues in society, digital wellness is a good topic to be able to offer.

Whether you are a freelance trainer or an in-house corporate trainer, being able to teach digital wellbeing will give you a competitive edge in your profession.

Our digital well-being detox training course materials will help you start training clients on this new topic straight away.

We have done research on digital wellness, designed the teaching materials, and created a lesson plan with a good balance of activities for participants and presentation of materials.

With our digital wellness training course materials, you can hit the ground running. In addition, our training course materials for trainers are fully editable for you to adapt as you wish and you can download them immediately.

If you, as a trainer, are interested in teaching other wellness and healthy living training sessions, take a look at our list of off-the-shelf training course materials about well-being.

Why Digital Wellness Training Is Important

Digital technologies play an increasingly important role in our lives. They provide us with many opportunities, which would have been unthinkable in the past when we did not have these technologies at our disposal.

Today, just to give you a few examples, we can:

  • connect with people globally who have the same interests
  • find information in real-time about an unlimited number of topics
  • access and carry with us a huge amount of entertainment such as videos, music, and books
  • keep in contact easily with friends and family worldwide
  • and do a lot more

However, there are also risks associated with the use or overuse of digital technologies.

For example, things that can have a negative impact on our mental health, such as addiction to the Internet, inability to switch off and relax, cyberbullying, harassment, and more.

Avoiding digital technologies altogether though is not realistic.

So, how can we maximize the benefits of these technologies while minimizing the risks to safeguard our well-being?

Awareness of these risks and of the strategies we can use to create a better relationship with digital technologies is key. Training about digital well-being can help people acquire this knowledge.

This digital wellbeing training course materials package aims to do just that.

Assessing our relationship with digital technologies is something that we should all do, to safeguard our wellbeing.

Are we addicted to these technologies and, if so, do we need to go on a ‘digital diet’? Are there any other things we need to do to improve our digital wellness?

These are key questions that a digital wellness training course can help people reflect on.

Who Are Our Digital Wellbeing Training Course Materials Intended for?

With the expression ‘digital technologies’, we refer to anything that works digitally, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, e-readers, smartphones, smart TVs and radios, and wearable devices such as smartwatches and fitness trackers.

We also refer to digital programs and applications that we can use either over the Internet or offline and any content that we can access using these programs and devices.

With digital technologies including so many devices and tools, there is hardly anyone left who does not use one or more of these technologies in one way or another.

As a result, a course on digital wellness can be relevant for anyone. The scope to teach this topic and help people achieve a better relationship with digital technologies is endless.

Who Could Benefit from This Digital Wellness Training Package?

There are many people who could benefit from attending a digital well-being training session, including:

  • Members of staff in organizations and companies.
    Having a bad relationship with digital technologies can have a negative impact on people’s mental health, on their relationships, on their use of time, and, as a result, on their productivity.
    Thus, it could be very beneficial to train corporate staff on how to improve their digital wellbeing.
  • Individuals from any walk of life and of any age.
    As a freelance trainer, you can provide digital wellness workshops to a variety of people who would benefit from enrolling in such a course.
  • People who are addicted to digital technologies and find it hard to switch off. As a result, they would benefit from becoming aware of the issue and going on a digital detox or digital diet.
  • Line managers in organizations, in order to support members of staff who are having problems due to a bad relationship with digital technologies.
  • High-level managers to understand how digital wellbeing can have an impact on an organization as a whole.
  • Students who are adept at using digital technologies but could do with becoming aware of the impact that these technologies can have on their well-being and how to deal with it.

Duration of This Digital Wellbeing Training Course

  • This is a short course, that is designed to last about 2 hours.

If you are a freelance trainer, you can run this session on the same day as other short sessions on related topics (focusing on health and well-being issues) such as mindfulnessmental health awareness in the workplace or menopause awareness.


These off-the-shelf training materials on digital wellbeing are for anyone who uses digital technologies.

Delivery Method

These training course materials are designed to be delivered by a trainer in a classroom environment.

However, we have designed the training materials in such a way that participants are involved throughout the session. The lesson plan includes many opportunities for discussions and for learners to be active participants.

Adults learn better if they participate actively and if they are in charge of their own learning. This is why, at Symonds Training, we design training course materials to make sure that participants are always engaged through discussions, activities, and exercises.

In addition, it is possible to adapt these materials for teaching through digital online teaching platforms. The PowerPoint slides can be used for teaching online and, as part of the training materials, we provide some guidance with suggestions on how you can adapt the activities for an online session.

Topics That Will Be Covered to Include:

  • A digital wellness self-awareness questionnaire for participants to reflect on their own use of digital technologies and how these technologies make them feel.
  • Definition of wellbeing and of digital wellbeing.
  • Risks and benefits of digital technologies.
  • Issues about the sharing of information via digital technologies.
  • The impact of digital technologies on self-confidence and sense of achievement.
  • The impact of digital technologies on social interactions and how to deal with negative attention.
  • Tools and tips to manage digital technologies

With These Digital Wellness Training Materials, Instantly Download:

✔ 30 digital wellness PowerPoint  slides and trainer notes on each slide

✔ 24-page Trainer’s Handbook

✔ Handout for classroom activities (digital well-being self-awareness questionnaire)

✔ Participants’ workbook

✔ Course documents (including sign-in sheet, course evaluation sheet, course outline, and one handout for classroom activities)

✔ Course certificate (printable to hand to participants)

✔ A PDF guide with suggestions on how to adapt the activities for teaching the course online, if you ever need to.

PowerPoint slides and trainer notes for tutors, presenters, speakers, & teachers to provide employee and staff training workshops
PowerPoint slides for trainers, teachers, tutors and presenter notes files

This package contains FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE training material.

Documents are delivered using MS Word, PDF (in case you do not have MS Word), and PowerPoint (PPT).

The MS Word and PowerPoint files are fully editable, so you can adapt the material to your specific needs.

American & British English Compatible

Suitable for both American English & British English styles.

  • We have avoided any words that can cause confusion between American and British English styles such as soccer/football.
  • We have used terms that are common in both and we have used the American style for a few words where a ‘z’ rather than ‘s’ is used i.e. materialize.

Happy Customers Include

Companies who but our PowerPoint slides and trainer notes


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