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Most of the training programs we provide are ones that are self-explanatory to an extent, in that the Time Management training materials package is about managing your time.

One training materials package that we offer though is less well-known and given the sheer importance of equal rights, I thought I would expand on the DDA and Access Audits and compliance training.

The Equality Act 2010 and Access for All

In 2010, the UK government introduced a new act that took over from the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and this new act is the Equality Right Act 2010.

In the DDA act of 1995, rules were included that pushed for the rights of disabled people including rights of access.

The 2010 Equality Act though quite rightly has pushed this also to include other users such as those with prams, the elderly, and the ambulant.

The act, in other words, pushes for establishments that provide a service (be it free or paid) to make a reasonable effort to make access possible equally for users.

What Is ‘Reasonable Effort’ in the Equality Act?

The same question comes up time and time again and this is surrounding the wording of the 2010 act regards what exactly reasonable effort is.

What reasonable effort is, is discussed in detail in the DDA and Equality Access training materials courseware with a number of real-world examples.

To clarify now though in part, what is reasonable does in part relate to the resources of the premises in question in that you will not, for example, be expected to spend £100,000 on installing new doors and chairs and so on if you are a very small business barely keeping your head above water.

Indeed, sometimes simply providing a £50 ramp that can be placed outside a door to make it easy for wheelchairs and prams and to include one or two spaces for wheelchairs users and for prams, can sometimes suffice.

DDA and Equality Access 2010 training

DDA Access Audits

The benefit of this particular training package is that the aim is to prepare you to either:

  • Examine your own location and do a full DDA disability discrimination and Equality Rights Act accessibility audit.
  • Be skilled in providing audits for others.

Of all the training we offer, this is perhaps one of the most important in that those with less mobility often tend to get excluded, and making locations more accessible for all is a very worthwhile practice to be involved with.

Training Materials Options

Option 1: Learn as the Trainer

If you are looking to better understand DDA and Accessibility training then you can do this quick training online in your own time instantly.

This will give you an even better foundation in the basics of DDA, the Equality Act, and Accessible environments.

Course you can instantly start online to understand the foundations of DDA to increase your teaching program options.

Option 2: Training Materials for Teaching Groups in a Classroom

For teaching the basics of Disability Access, you can buy the training materials package directly here online.

The teacher’s pack will enable you to teach the foundations of DDA and disability access including:

  • What is the issue
  • What is reasonable access
  • How to do an accessibility DDA audit
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