Creating your own training and teaching materials as a freelance or corporate trainer, from the start, means that you can shape the content exactly to your own needs.

Developing courseware and training materials though is a massively labor-intensive process. Designing your own PowerPoints, teaching notes, students’ handbooks, and everything else can take weeks to prepare and develop.

Furthermore, many trainers are experts in delivering training but not necessarily experts in pedagogy.

Customizable training materials guide

The Benefits of Buying Off-the-Shelf Customizable Training Materials

There are a number of benefits of buying pre-designed training packs and these benefits include the:

  • Time-saving (will save 2-3 weeks research and development time) and instantly being able to download the materials.
  • Design already done for you. Even when you know your training topic inside out, you might still not have the design skills to create powerful and jazzy looking PowerPoint presentations and documents.
  • Inclusion of many extremely useful documents that you wouldn’t otherwise think to create or get around to doing. These can include the digital participant certificate template, sign-in sheets, student handbook, PowerPoint presentation, handouts, and teacher notes.

What Is Included in the Training Packages

To give you an idea of what is included in the training course materials available to buy from Symonds Research, you can see the graphic below:

Employee training materials

How Do You Customize the Training Materials

So with customizable training materials and lesson plans, the obvious question to ask can be how the customization works?

Likewise, you might also be wondering how you can brand the training materials so that the people you are providing training to assume that you designed the lesson plans, PowerPoints, etc.

So how does the customization work?

1. Customizing the PowerPoint Slides

On the PowerPoint presentation, we leave space on the first slide for you to enter your name or to add your business logo.

Simply customize the cover slide that shows on screen as participants enter the training room.

Digital well-being course example

2. All Documents Are Editable

All of the documents that are included with each training pack are provided both as PDFs and as editable Word Documents. This means that you can edit and change anything.

Whether you want to add your name and business logo onto the covers of all the documents, or if you want to change some of the slides or lesson plans, you can easily do so.

PowerPoint slides and trainer notes for tutors, presenters, speakers, & teachers to provide employee and staff training workshops
PowerPoint slides for trainers, teachers, tutors and presenter notes files

Why Should I Trust Buying Materials from Symonds Training?

Trust, when buying something online is, of course, essential.

For this reason, we are very transparent about who we are and you can learn about Dr Valeria Lo Iacono (Symonds) our founder here. Dr Paul Symonds is also a joint partner in Symonds Training.

Valeria has taught at several universities in the UK and Korea and is trained in pedagogy and has also worked in education in various roles including as a researcher.

We are a team of experienced and qualified researchers (trained to Ph.D. level) and we focus on quality training materials. It is what we do and what we feel we do well!

We have taken the time, with each package, to carefully consider the balance of trainer-delivered content and activities for participants to engage in, for you to easily run an engaging session.

How Do I Buy Training Materials Online

The packages are bought online and you receive them instantly as a downloadable Zip file. Inside the folder, you will see all of the MS Word and PDF files and PowerPoint slides. We even include a printable certificate you can use for the participants.

We wrote a post recently detailing the exact buying process, so this post is worth reading below:

Learn about the Buying Process
>> Learn about the Buying Process

Benefits for Human Resources (HR) and Freelance Trainers

Most of our courses are perfect for employee training and are also adaptable for online teaching (we include notes in each package on how to use each course for online teaching)!

So, if you are an HR Human Resources manager, then the titles that we sell are perfect for staff and employee training.

If you are a freelance or corporate trainer, these training packages are equally as useful for you.

Save yourself a mass of time and have at hand everything you need to provide workshops on topics such as ‘Digital wellness‘, ‘Conflict Management‘, and ‘How to Manage Virtual teams‘.

What Type of Training Materials Are Available

You can click the image below to view the full list of courses that we have available.

Customizable training course materials
>> View Our Training Course Materials Packages
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