Customer Service Help

1. You’ve just paid online

Downloading the training materials

When you pay your training course materials, you will immediately see something similiar to this:

On the above page when you purchase you can click the green ‘Click here’ button and instantly download the training materials.

DOWNLOADING THE FILES: When you download the file, unless you specify a location, it will download to your ‘Download’ folder on your computer.

2. You will also get a download link that where you can also download the materials from

Please check your email as you will also have received an email with your purchase.
(If you didn’t receive the link make sure to check your junk email folder if we accidentally ended up there 🙂

You can go to this email anytime and you have up to 5 attempts to download the training materials.

3. If a Problem Opening the PowerPoint File

It is extremely rare i.e. only ever happened once but just in case you have a problem opening the PowerPoint file. The issue appears to be when your works computer network is set to try and block some files. This video shows you how to fix it or you can look at the images below the video:

Step 1 – Go to Options

Open up an existing PowerPoint file you have and then scroll down on the menu to” File” –> “Options”

Open PowerPoint Options

Step 2 – Open ‘Trust Centre’

Next click ‘Trust Center’ on the left menu and then click ‘Trust Center Settings’.

Trust Center

Step 3 – Trusted Locations

Next you go to ‘Trusted Locations’ and you need to add the location for where you have the downloads.

After you have added the ‘New Location’, you can go to that location and open the PowerPoint you download from us and it should now open.