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The aim of this conflict management & resolution training course materials package is to help you, as a trainer, teach your participants how to handle conflict successfully.

This training package is:

  • Fully customizable and editable
  • US English & British English compatible
  • Downloadable immediately
  • Can also be adapted to use for online teaching and training in virtual classrooms.
  • and you will own the rights to edit and reuse it for as many of ‘your own courses’ as you wish
Teaching confliuct management techniques

Samples from these training course materials

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Benefits of Providing Conflict Resolution Training as a Trainer?

If you are a corporate trainer, whether you are a freelance corporate trainer or if you work in-house, being able to teach conflict resolution skills is a great addition to your portfolio. Why you might ask?

  1. First of all, conflict resolution skills (CR skills) training is always popular with companies. This is because, if staff do not handle conflict properly it can be very damaging for a company.
  2. Conflict management skills are one of those skills that never go ‘out of fashion’. Conflict has always existed and always will. So, people might as well try to turn it to their own advantage by learning how to handle conflict constructively.
  3. Conflict resolution skills are part of a set of interpersonal skills, such as communication skills, dealing with difficult people and emotional intelligence. This means that you can offer conflict management training as part of a series of connected courses that you can run.

Last but not least, buying off-the-shelf conflict management training course materials like ours will help you considerably.

Our customizable course materials are designed to save you time and hassle. We have already done the hard work of doing the research and the design.

All you have to do is teach the course and you can customize it as needed, as our training materials are fully editable. In addition, you can download the training package immediately and it will be yours forever to use and adapt as you wish.

Who is this course intended for?

These conflict-handling training course materials are very useful for those who have to deal with conflict on a regular basis because of their role.

However, anyone can benefit from this conflict management training course package. This is because everybody will come across conflict at one point or another in their career.

Why this course is useful for learners

Conflict is unavoidable. It is part of living and working with other people. However, conflict can become constructive if we know how to handle conflict.

Conflict management strategies training is therefore important both in the workplace and in private life.

In the workplace specifically, when we do not address conflict, it can either fester or escalate. Either way, it can create divisions and stress, which will affect a company’s productivity.

Unresolved conflict not only stops people from working effectively together, but it also creates a toxic environment.

This makes employees feel stressed, which means that are more likely to suffer in terms of health and be off sick more often. It also makes them feel unappreciated causing higher turnover in the company as staff look for work elsewhere.

On the other hand, teams that can handle conflict constructively are a winning force for a company. So, why should any company not want its employees to become successful at managing and resolving conflict?

So, training employees on conflict management will help a company:

  • Increase productivity – as staff do not waste time arguing and work better together.
  • Reduce staff turnover.
  • Reduce staff sickness levels by reducing stress.
  • Improve staff’s motivation and commitment (as overcoming conflict can give them a sense of accomplishment and achievement).
  • Save time and money – as conflict resolution procedures are expensive and time-consuming once the conflict has escalated to unmanageable levels.

People who may benefit from a conflict handling training course include, for example:

  • Team leaders and managers – to handle conflict within their teams and between different teams.
  • High-level managers who make strategic decisions for an organization – making sure that they can resolve conflict is crucial for a company to succeed.
  • Customer care staff and all those who work in a customer-facing role – handling conflict is essential to retain customers and deal with the most difficult situations.
  • Individual team members – to manage conflict that can arise between each other.
  • Staff in organizations with many teamsresearch has shown that conflict between different teams is the most likely to erupt and the hardest to deal with, because of the strong sense of group affiliation that humans instinctively develop.
  • Sales staff – striking a deal or closing a sale often has a confrontational element. Being able to handle conflict is therefore very useful for closing the best deal.
  • These conflict management training course materials can also be adapted for teaching conflict resolution outside the workplace – for example, for families or couples who need to handle and overcome conflict.
  • Self-employed individuals can also benefit from learning how to deal with conflict – people who work for themselves tend to cover all the roles that normally different people are in charge of in a company. So, they may benefit from learning how to deal with customers and providers in the best way and turn conflict situations to their own advantage.

Duration of This Conflict Handling Training Package

  • 1 Day

This conflict handling training course is designed to last 1 full-day session, from about 9 to 5.

Level That the Conflict Management Training Course Materials Is Aimed at

Beginners and intermediate.

This course is suitable for those who have never been introduced to conflict management skills.

Equally though, you can teach it to people who need to refresh their conflict-handling skills and to learn more about conflict resolution skills, as this course includes a section on developing a conflict resolution plan.

Course Outline and Objectives

The aim of this conflict management training course materials package is to introduce participants to the main concepts related to conflict handling strategies.

Participants will learn what conflict is, different strategies to deal with it, and how conflict develops. They will also discuss what skills are needed to handle conflict successfully and they will learn some principles of conflict resolution.

At the end of the course, participants should be able to:

✔ Discuss what conflict is, how it develops, and the different types of conflict.

✔ Identify methods and strategies to manage conflict.

✔ Identify the skills needed to deal with conflict effectively.

✔ Outline the steps of a conflict resolution plan.

Delivery Method for Learning about Conflict Management Skills and Strategies

Our conflict handling training course materials are designed to be delivered by a trainer in a classroom setting.

The way in which we have designed the materials though includes plenty of activities, games, and discussions for participants to actively engage with the topic.

Our off-the-shelf training course materials are designed in such a way that you, as the trainer, should not have to speak for more than 10 minutes at a time without the participants being actively engaged.

These customizable training course materials include plenty of cues as to when you can engage the participants by asking questions. The idea is that, even when the trainer is delivering teaching, the participants should always be engaged in a conversation rather than being lectured at.

Our customizable conflict management training course materials include a PowerPoint presentation, a series of handouts, the trainer’s notes and a participants’ workbook.

In addition, it is possible to adapt these materials for teaching through digital online teaching platforms. The PowerPoint slides can be used for teaching online and, as part of the training materials, we provide some guidance with suggestions on how you can adapt the activities for an online session.

Topics That Will Be Covered Include:

  • What is conflict and common misconceptions about conflict?
  • Causes of conflict.
  • Types of conflict in the workplace.
  • The stages of conflict and how it escalates.
  • Conflict management styles and when it is better to use each.
  • Participants’ assessment of their own preferred conflict management styles.
  • Distinguishing between positions and needs for conflict resolution.
  • Skills needed for successful conflict resolution, including communication, listening, and questioning skills; emotional awareness; assertiveness, and being open to other people’s perspectives.
  • How to develop a conflict resolution plan.
  • Useful analytical tools to use in developing a conflict resolution plan.

With This Course, Instantly Download:

✔  59 PowerPoint  slide deck (includes tutor notes on each slide)

✔  55-page Trainers handbook

✔  Course documents (including sign-in sheet, course evaluation sheet, course outline)

✔ Participants’ workbook

✔ Handouts for classroom activities

✔  Course certificate (printable to hand to participants)

✔ A PDF guide with suggestions on how to adapt the activities for teaching the course online, if you ever need to.

Documents are delivered using MS Word, PDF (in case you do not have MS Word), and PowerPoint.

The MS Word and PowerPoint files are fully editable, so you can adapt the material to your specific needs.

PowerPoint slides and trainer notes for tutors, presenters, speakers, & teachers to provide employee and staff training workshops
PowerPoint slides for trainers, teachers, tutors and presenter notes files

American & British English Compatible

Suitable for both American English & British English styles.

  • We have avoided any words that can cause confusion between American and British English styles such as soccer/football.
  • We have used terms that are common in both and we have used the American style for a few words where a ‘z’ rather than ‘s’ is used i.e. materialize.

Happy Customers Include

Companies who but our PowerPoint slides and trainer notes


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