Communication Skills Training Course Materials

The communication skills training course materials below are for providing workshops or training sessions for your employees or for a private training session that you are holding. 

Why Do Communication Skills Matter So Much in the Workplace?

It is incredible how good communication skills can impact on workplace productivity.

According to Pumble, for example, workplace productivity can increase by as much as 25% when employees communicate well.

The challenge as a company though is creating a workplace where communication is strong and effective.

The challenges are clear and these include:

  • Managing employees from different backgrounds, locations (in-person and virtually), and managing different generations and age groups.
  • Leaders with no training in how to communicate effectively, i.e. they lack basic communication skills.
  • Employees and managers who are not provided with all the information they sometimes need to do their jobs effectively.
  • A failure to know how to properly listening (what we refer to as active listening skills)

The Benefits of Communication Skills Training Course Materials

Benefits of using communication skills training course materials

Why Invest in Communication to Start with?

Investing in training ultimately tends to be very cost-effective in the long-term, particularly in an area such as communication skills.

If great communication skills in the workplace improve productivity even by 5%, the chances are that this will be significantly higher than the cost of providing short 2 or 4 hours of training for employees, or for a one-day training session.

If costs are limited, then I recommend focusing on at least ensuring that managers and team leaders certainly have good communication skills and understand key techniques for communication well.

Train the managers in this area and they will have the skills to feed these skills back to those whom they manage, including through leading by example.

Whilst you want good communication to exist company-wide, from my experience as a training provider, good communication from the top down is a great way to get all employees onboard.

Who Designs our Communication Skills Training Materials

Our communication skills training course materials are designed by Dr Valeria Lo Iacono and include the aims and objectives, training activities, all the PowerPoint PPT slides and teacher trainer notes.

Each set of slides and course follows a logical sequence, going through each aim and objective and ending with suggestions and practical ways for the trainees to use the training in a work environment.

You will find that the materials save you a significant amount of time as these materials take several weeks to design.

We all learn in different ways, some of us learn better by listening, some by watching, some by interacting and some of us through collaborating.

Learning, in fact, is normally a combination of these different ways above and, for this reason, training needs to be designed to enable all participants to feel included and able to walk away with new skills.

As a part of our pedagogical approach, we ensure each set of communication skills training materials includes training activities, presentation slides, handouts, and icebreakers.

The Future of Communication Skills Training

Communication skills will forever be important in the workplace as without good communication how do we successfully work with others?

Even with the increasing use of AI (Artificial Intelligence), we still need to communicate what we need both to the machines and to those who design the software or tools, what we need and what the goals are.

These areas of communication skills below though are ones to look out for in the future:

Remote Work Collaborations

Whilst we have already seen a great increase in virtual and hybrid teams, this is likely to continue to develop at pace.

The ability to communicate with team members worldwide who have different cultural ways of working can be challenging (see our Intercultural Communication training course materials).

How to work diligently in a hybrid workplace is essential and communication will be at its core.


Training inevitably needs to be fun and engaging and gamification helps in this respect with interactive learning something that can be utilised. Gamification can sometimes be costly to use in courseware design but there are many good tools out there that you can consider using.

Virtual Reality

The use of VR (Virtual Reality) lends itself to certain types of training for specific industries. Whilst not necessarily so important for topics such as soft skills, virtual reality can be used to test how we act and communicate in certain situations such as for customer service training.

Future Communication Skills Training Course Materials Titles

We are continually developing our range of communication skills training course materials and planned titles include:

  • Email Etiquette and Communication
  • Managing online Collaborations
  • Cultural Intelligence in Business Communication
  • Rapport Building in Business
  • Complaint Handling
  • Managing Upwards
6 core communication skills diagram


What tools can be used to teach communication skills?
  1. Communication skills training workshops
  2. Mentoring
  3. One-to-one coaching
  4. Presentation skills clubs
  5. Video Playback (to review role-playing activities)
  6. Communication skills icebreakers
  7. Feedback software apps


What topics are covered in communication skills training?

Communication skills can be broken down into topics that include intercultural communication, active listening skills, nonverbal communication, influencing skills, and Dealing with People skills.

How up-to-date are the communication skills training materials?

The communication skills training materials are all up-to-date and are checked annually in case any information needs updating.