Employee Workplace Training Guides and Tips

Below you will find articles on employee workplace training and development. These articles will help give you some ideas and guidance for coaching employees. Training and coaching your employees is not just beneficial for the development and needs of your employees, but, as research shows, it can also greatly improve productivity and workplace and workforce unity. Ever considered what the cost is of having to replace unhappy staff who leave? We can also connect you with a trainer if you need someone to run your staff skills training workshops. For a full list of employee training program teaching materials click here.

Employee Workplace Training Guides

Challenges and Solutions in Employee Training

We know that you might experience some challenges when organising to provide employee workplace training or if giving employee coaching.

The main challenges we have found are:

  • Overcoming Resistance to Change: Strategies to encourage employee participation in training programs, often meet with resistance. Sometimes it trying to win over the managers, and other times employees. This should not though stop necessary change from occurring. Employee training and development is always going to have those who resist it but training is essential for growth.
  • Training Budget Constraints: Whatever types of employee training programs you are offering, cost-effective training solutions for organizations with limited budgets are what you’ll need to try and offer as a freelance trainer if you want to expand your opportunities. Alternatively, building a strong case study to explain the long-term financial benefits (such as proven productivity indicators) can also be worth doing. The benefits of employee training when the right training is provided, should outweight the monetary costs.
  • Ensuring Consistency: Maintaining training standards across different locations and departments if a big challenge sometimes. This can become even harder with the trend toward a mix of online and offline training.
  • Keeping Content Relevant: If you need to train employees over time, regularly updating training materials to reflect current trends and practices is important. For most of the training materials we provide though, the content tends to be evergreen. meaning that it is not time-dated. This can be especially important with compliance training courses, where rules and regulations that relate to compliance measures can change.

Training Methods and Techniques

Employee workplace training and coaching employees

There are 4 main ways that you can provide employee workplace training and these are:

  • In-Person vs. Online Training: These days you really have two options when it comes to providing training and these are to offer it in-person or online. provide training online and it’s good environmentally (no need for you or the participants to travel), is inclusive because people more people will have access and is more scalable. Teach in person though and it’s easier to build connections and get feedback. Consider carefully the audience you plan to provide training for, and the expectations of the person/company paying for the training.
  • Blended Learning: There is also the opportunity to provide a mix of online and offline training and this can work. You can, for example, offer in-person training but then provide support online.
  • Microlearning: Short, focused training sessions that enhance learning retention is also another option.
  • Mentorship and Coaching: Employee coaching through with a mentors program or by offering coaching skills training also is an option. Coaching and mentoring can be a great way to save money through the sharing of existing skills in your workforce.

Final Thoughts

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