Buying Off the Shelf Training Materials – Guides & Tips for Trainers

In this section you will find a number of articles to help you understand how to buy off the shelf training materials and programs.

Benefits of Buying Off-the-shelf Training Course Materials

Designing a training session can be hard and very time-consuming. You need to do your own research on the topic first. Then, you need to decide how to organize and structure the session, choose appropriate activities for the participants to do and finally design all the materials such as PowerPoint slides and handouts.

By designing off-the-shelf training materials, we save you a lot of time and effort. We do the research, the lesson planning and design the materials so you can focus on teaching.

Our training materials are fully customizable so you can edit them as much as you want to. For example, you can add your own logos and adapt the contents to your own and your audience’s specific needs.

You can download our customizable training materials immediately once you buy them and they are yours for you to edit and use as many times as you wish, without time limits.

Buying Process

You can find an explanation of the process for buying training course materials online here! In essence, the process works like this. You:

  • Choose a course or set of courses you want.
  • Add the course/s to your shopping basket
  • Make the payment and then you will immediately receive an email to download the ZIP file of all the training course materials you have paid for. These are delivered to you digitally, hence you get them instantly.
  • Once you have the training package, you can edit the course materials to customize them. You might, for example, want to have your own name showing on the Introduction slide in the PowerPoint display.
  • You organize and run your course.
  • Hopefully, the workshop goes well and you found our training packages useful and come back!

Buying the Custom-Made Training You Need

We are constantly adding to our catalogue of customizable off the shelf training course materials that we offer for sale through this site. If you are a trainer offering courses or programs, then please let us know if there are any titles you need that you cannot find on this site.
If you have any questions or you would like to know more, you can read our FAQ page or contact us through our contact form.