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This is an ONLINE COURSE that you can start instantly and complete in your own time.

Benefits of Doing This Course

  • Learn how to build the right content so that you attract traffic.
  • Discover some basic and more advanced SEO (Search Engine) marketing techniques to build traffic by ranking better in search results.
  • Understand about building a mailing list to build direct traffic opportunities.
  • Discover how to attract traffic via Pinterest
  • Bonus lessons from our other courses

If you have done our 1st course OR if you already have a website or blog and are ready to start building traffic to your site, then this is a course for you.

Why This Course Can Really Help You

Creating Content that Drives Traffic

Creating content that drives web traffic to your site

In order to drive a lot of traffic to your site for a variety of search terms, you will need first to have content that matches the terms you want to rank for.

Confused? Do not worry as we will cover this in the lessons.

You will want to have content at the core of your strategy to build traffic to your site.

This is why you often hear the term blogging when it comes to web design as writing content (blog posts) is a vital aspect of traffic generation.

Introduction to SEO Lessons

Introduction to SEO lessons

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is another key part of working towards building and generating more traffic to your website or blog.

In this specific course, we introduce you to some key SEO basics that you can immediately implement. You might also want to consider also our full SEO Gold Dust Online Course.

You can also buy 2 or more courses as a bundle, at a discounted price!

Building an Email List Lessons

Building an email list lessons

Having a way to directly target people in your niche and to protect against search engine algorithm changes, having an email list is vital.

Confused? Do not worry. We explain all in the lessons.

Just a reminder that you do NOT need any programming skills to implement anything you learn in the lessons.

Generating traffic via Pinterest

Driving web traffic by using Pinterest marketing

We introduce you to Pinterest, a search engine that is FREE to use and is an excellent tool for generating traffic to your site.

We use Pinterest here on Symonds Training and it is responsive for a high percentage of the traffic we get.

You may prefer in the end to use a social media service such as Facebook or Instagram, but you might want to consider Pinterest and we teach you the basics of this platform.

Bonus Lessons

Bonus course lessons

Freebies are always welcome, right? We give you some FREE taster lessons from our other courses.

5 Year Access

5 year access to the training course online

This is a course that you can you at your own pace and whenever you want.

You just log in online from whatever device you wish and you work your way through the lessons.

You have 5 years to complete the course. So really plenty of time!

Is This Course Suitable for You?

This course is suitable for anyone!

You do not need any special skills and you do not need any programming skills, as already mentioned.

You just need a willingness to learn and the desire to build your own online presence, through your own website or blog.

If you do not already have a WordPress site or blog set-up then we recommend that you start with our ‘Starting Your Own Online Site/Blog and Business an Online Presence

Building traffic to your website or blog online course
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