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How to become a trainer and start your own business

More and more of us are looking towards managing our own time and work and becoming self-employed can be extremely rewarding and also, if done well, a profitable way of doing this.

Not having to work nine to five, answer to any bosses and having total flexibility regards where you work from, is highly attractive!

Indeed, one of the options that had led you here is perhaps because you are considering the option of becoming a trainer?!

So let me explain what you can do to get started if you are considering the possibility of going self-employed.

Setting Yourself Up as a Company or Businesssified as a Sole Trader or Ltd/LLC Company

How you register as self-employed will, of course, depend on the country you live in.

  • If you live in the UK, then this process is extremely easy if you wish to start off as a sole trader or Ltd company. You can be set up the same day. The best place to start is on the HMRC site.
  • In the United States is takes slightly longer but it is something many bloggers do and you might want to become an LLC. More info here on the U.S.
  • Australian – great starting guide here to start your business.

Whatever country you reside in, the process is generally the same and more than possible as a freelance trainer or corporate trainer.

The easiest way to make sure that you are paying your taxes correctly and declaring everything correctly (in addition to claiming back what you are entitled to) is to get an accountant.

How Can I Become a Trainer and Have My Own Training Company?

It is actually quite easy and, with the training programs you can buy from a site like this whereby the training is already packaged and provides everything you need, you can really start a business very quickly.

Think about what you want to teach as the training needs to be fun for you because the sure way to failure in business is to focus only on profits.

Focus on something you have a passion for and would enjoy teaching and you will find it significantly easier to succeed! If your passion is marketing then focus on teaching marketing.

If you love being involved with soft skills, then make that subject area your training niche!

You may not have the skills to design training packages and want to focus on providing training and, in this respect, we can help you to design custom-made training packages.

You can often charge each person anything between £100 and £500 PER PERSON to attend your training. So, certainly, this can be a profitable business for you!

Focus also on providing high-quality training so that repeat business and word-of-mouth become key and inexpensive ways for you to expand and market your business

Marketing Your Business

In addition to the comments above regards word-of-mouth as a very efficient way to build a successful business, also consider getting your own website made.

It is extremely easy these days, for example, to buy a domain name (website address) i.e. £10 a year and then to create a simple WordPress website.

Even a one-page website can give you an added presence and, by including what is known as your NAM information (name, address and phone number) on each page of your website, you immediately increase the chance to show in locally-based web searches.

If people search for “training provider” and they do so in Preston and your listed address is Preston, you immediately are going to be better off.

Make sure also to develop a free Google Business Listing and to ask clients to give you a recommendation.

There is a lot more to SEO (search engine optimization) but those few tips will get you started.

Preparing for Training You Give

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Make sure to read the guides that we have added on this site, as these can also help to guide you as you become a self-employed trainer:

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Valeria has been involved with education for over 16 years. She has taught in the UK at the University of Bath and Cardiff Metropolitan University (where she got her PhD), in addition to working as a researcher at Exeter University. Valeria additionally has several years of experience of also working with Ofsted and Cardiff University in management roles.

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