Accredited CPD Certificates

Please Note: We DO already provide certificates with every training package that we sell. These certificates can be printed off and are already included in the package prices.

The certificates we offer on this page are if your participants specifically need or want a certificate that has the CPDCertify logo on it. If so, you can order certificates for the price stated below.

Accredited CPD certificates

The CPD Accreditation

All of our courses are certified and accredited via the CPD Certification service.

So any courses that you teach and provide that use the training materials sold on this site ( can be marketed as CPD compliant and certified.

The Benefits of Providing Certificates

Offering courses that are accredited provides you with multiple benefits and these include the fact that you will be providing:

  • better quality course materials.
  • certificates for your students to show that they have completed a CPD certified course.

The CPD panel collectively has over 100 years of training and teaching experience and all CPDCertify passed courses have to meet a certain standard in terms of being suitable for including all learner types, appropriate activities, and high-quality training materials.

If you require certificates for your courses and also to certify your training course materials then the CPD certification is explained here. You can also find the CPD advisory panel here.

Certificate Images

Example Certificate

An example of the CPD certificates we can provide you as the trainer, for the students you teach, is shown below.

Example of the CPD certificates we can provide

Certificate Logo

CPD Certified courses

Certificate Banner

Providing Certificates

Who the Certificates are For

As one of our customers using our CPD certified courses, we offer you the opportunity to purchase the CPD certificates


The cost of the certificates is as follows:

  • £8 per certificate
  • £60 for 10 certificates
  • £99 for 20 certificates
  • Price available on request for larger orders.

Purchase CPD Certification Certificates From Us

You can buy the certificates direct from us by contacting is direct at

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